Lambise Launches in Boston – keep an eye keenly open for this delicious cocktail beer

For any of you out there who do not have the greatest affinity towards beer, I am happy to announce that a wonderful beer has just launched in Boston which will surely present you with a pleasant surprise.  Introducing, Lambise, a beer especially brewed with your favorite cocktails in mind.

photo 2

With a Lambise Classique and a Lambise Ginge (fresh ginger root), this beer is a wonderful way to allow your taste buds to acclimatize to the distinctions of beer without having to conquer a large mug of hops.

photo 1

Just last week, The Hawthorne held a private launch party for Lambise with a few of Boston’s best bartenders shaking things up and adding complexity and intrigue to cocktails like your Pisco Sour or Penicillin Riff.

photo 5

The Lambise Americano for instance took on Lambise Classique (pictured below), Campari and Sweet Vermouth for a delightful finish and altogether well rounded cocktail experience.

photo 3

Katie Emerson was at the DIY station showing the diversity of Lambise in a seemingly endless display of cocktail possibilities.

Whether you are a beer drinker or not, Lambise is something to look out for and pounce on at first sight – take your cocktail to the next level or simply trick yourself into a higher appreciation of beer… I promise you it will be worth it:)

*Lambise is being served at Silvertone Bar in Boston – more locations to come shortly!

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